The Symbolism of Asia

The world is filled with symbols. They permeate our civilisations and define our cultures. This book aims to help readers recognise the symbols of Asian civilisations and to 'read' them for their cultural, social and religious significance. Richly illustrated with over 80 color images, this is a symbological exploration of the visual cultures of India, China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. It is a useful handbook for academics, students and travellers alike.


The Power of Symbolism, the Ancient Swastika, Yin-Yang, Lingam and Yoni, Lions, Dragons, Dharmachakra: Dharma Wheels, Buddhist Imagery, Part 1, Buddhist Imagery, Part 2, the Mudra, the Hindu Trimurti, the Lotus, Pearl, and Vajra, Hindu-Buddhist Cosmology, Mount Meru, the Stupa or Pagoda